Installing Office 15 for the very first time

Once you figured out that the install was all online, it went pretty fast.  I am in the office today, unusual for me, and had to use the Microsoft office network for.  Although the office network is in reality it is relatively fast, my cable is faster, still the download and install took less time then it I could notice, but slightly longer then instant.  At a certain point you can play around with the Office, and installation continues.

The website though was confusing, the default installation is for 32-bit, which makes sense if you think about it, but not if you are a power user who is using 64-bit Office.  32-bit Office is friendly to the macros created by end-users, where as 64 bit doesn’t always support these older macros.

The installation gets to a point where you can use it but hasn’t completed (about 19%) and looks like the following, this is the Home Premium version:


In this case I did a semantic pinch and created a group called office.  Since the installation hadn’t completed I am not sure if that just doesn’t happen at the completion of the install.

Look and feel

While waiting for the installation to complete, I tried out Word and PowerPoint.  The start screen made them look Metro, but still had the feel of the previous Office version, which is good for most everyone, except for Metro wonks, then it was a little messy.  Not being a Metro Wonk, I more on the side of “trailer trash” design style, it looks pretty good to me.


More tomorrow, my battery is dying and I forgot my power supply for this beas