List of 5 Cloud security properties

Thinking about security?  Got a paper you want to get written for the first term next year so you can go on that ski trip in your college senior year?  This is the place, or if you are a working professional, you may have already covered this material, and this is just a good, brief review:

Desirable security properties of cloud storage:

  1. Confidentiality: Goal is to prevent  the cloud or unauthorized users from identifying the contents of any blocks stored on the cloud
  2. Integrity: Goal is that each read returns the content placed in the cloud storage by the authorized user.  Integrity returns the exact content with no garbage placed in the cloud location but the authorized user.
  3. Write-serializability: Goal is that the authorized user gets a commit annunciation of the latest commit update on that block.
  4. Read Freshness: Goal is to return the data from the latest write.  In this case the cloud could have a replication cycle that could present data that is less fresh then the last write, so freshness is the way to measure the ability of the cloud return data that is up to date.  This would be critical in situation like retail sales that utilize a cloud structure for the tracking of products, a sale on one cash register that isn’t fresh to a floor sales associate may show that the product is still available in the store.

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