Reimagine your App on Win 8: Attend the blow out Event at Silicon Valley, Microsoft!

After months of eager anticipation, Windows 8 is finally here.


To kick things off, Microsoft will be hosting a large-scale event at SVC featuring Robert Youngjohns and Matt Thompson. Both are FREAKING AWESOME and totally intune speakers. 

We are lucky to get Matt Thompson, with depth of experience with Java as well as Microsoft .NET products, and his view on start-ups.  Robert Youngjohns as President of Microsoft America, is always a great person to get the latest scoop the future of technology.  It doesn’t get better than that.  Neither of these guys are less than exciting to hear from, as long as exciting is defined to technology or start-ups.

So what is the big deal?

  • During this full-day event on April 4, Microsoft will have developers and designers take the stage to discuss the brand new platform.
  • In addition, we’ll be having several companies demo their apps and talk about their early experiences developing for Windows 8.
  • The Microsoft team will also provide attendees the opportunity to play with the platform and the tools needed to get started.
  • Other sessions will cover designing for the new Metro UI, building for the platform, and moneti$ing app$.

Sign up NOW for this awesome event at:

Do it now, or the kitty will get mad.