SCRUM: Guidelines from the SCRUM org and short form from Microsoft

If you are using SCRUM, likely you are using one of the excellent books out there to help with your understanding. If you are getting started the link below is a good starting point:

Links to SCRUM, less to more material:

SCRUM Humor:

A chicken and a pig are together when the chicken says, "Let's start a restaurant!"
The pig thinks it over and says, "What would we call this restaurant?"
The chicken says, "Ham n' Eggs!"
The pig says, "No thanks, I'd be committed, but you'd only be involved!"

Ha Ha! Rolling on the floor laughing Ok nerd humor.

SCRUM Master:

  • The ScrumMaster works with the customers and management to identify and instantiate a Product Owner.
  • The ScrumMaster teaches the Product Owner how to do his or her job.
  • Product Owners are expected to know how to manage to optimize value using Scrum.
  • If they don’t, we hold the ScrumMaster accountable.