SharePoint workspace shows up after installing Office 15 or Office 2013

So, there was groove, the tool that seemed cool but I never really understood.  It would be nice to have a system that simply synched my files between machines.  So groove was ungroovy and others came up with a system that they could own and get others to use.  Groove was unloved.  Then along game the SharePoint workspace in 2010, nicely done, easy to use, once you got over the confusing documentation and lack of ownership.

Now I notice that it is included in the Office 15or Office 2013 whatever and there is the Start Synchronization.  Of course if everyone is using Drop Box, etc. then it is pretty useless.  Like have one phone handset, no one to talk to.

So, since I am goofing off, what the heck I go to the web to find out more.  Not much out there.  Or is there?

Well there is, but the SharePoint links, etc. in the Help file are out of synch with the latest information.  Or at least the presentation appears to be for the older version of office 2010.

Think I am going to give this a try and see if it is useful.