Skydrive for the Windows 8 Desktop, read the Skydrive Code of Conduct

Skydrive is deeply integrated into the Windows 8 Desktop, Phone and XBox, however, so it is important that you read the Skydrive Code of Conduct, which is an easy read.  One of my worldwide teammates had a person get their Skydrive service cut off, I am not sure why that happened, but it drove me to review the Skydrive Code of Conduct and the Microsoft Service Agreement.

In this blog helps you understand the Skydrive integration into Windows 8:


If you are using Skydrive, just make sure to follow the Skydrive Code of Conduct, or at least understand what happens if you don’t. 

Also, make sure you review the Microsoft Services Agreement at:

Bottom line:

Read the Skydrive Code of Conduct. and the Microsoft Services Agreement. If you are using other cloud services, make sure you understand and read those terms, if you are basing your business on a cloud base service, and you are in the United States, consider getting a lawyer to review the agreements and give you an analysis of the impact of the code of conduct, terms of service or similar will have on your business.  This isn’t only the Microsoft terms, but any corporations terms as it could impact your business or customers.  You should consider paying a lawyer money well spent, even if it is annoying.