Type System in the C++/CX–Windows Metadata or winmd

This winmd thing, what’s up with that?  With .NET managed code there was the desire to do the right thing, protect the casual programmer from themselves.  In my opinion that time is now gone.  With Windows 8 and the re-emergence of C++ as a real language in the Microsoft World and the use of JavaScript/HTML 5 means that there needs to be some review, at least on my part, of C++ outside of .NET.  Sad, but true.

One of the articles I am reading carefully is the one on the type system:


How types are visible in metadata and this article does a good job of explaining how to program for the Winmd.  As with most of the Windows 8 articles there seems to be a desire to not close the deal with working samples.  But then why am I complaining, I have not been doing working samples lately either.