You ever get these calls: “Hi I am Microsoft Technical Service and your computer is infected

First off Microsoft Technical Service will not call you because your computer is infected, it’s your computer.

Just got one of these calls.  Really sad, but kind of fun to play with these people’s head if I have a few minutes.  I need to record them, but that would be illegal in the US.  Too bad.

Usually I can keep them going for 10 minutes, but this time the caller was a little quicker then most and caught on after about 2 minutes.  I figure if I keep these guys on the line for any time they aren’t trying to hack some other person.

I just don’t know what to do with these calls.  You can always tell them by the blocked phone number, but sometimes I don’t look, and we keep a land line just for my mom to call, but now that she is dead, well I guess the land line is going away.  One time I was at her house when these scum call and I kept that guy on the phone for 15 or so minutes.

Actually they are much more patient then I would be.  Just wonder what can be done about these people. 

Let me know if you have any ideas.