Holiday Makeover–Teaching Kids Programming


We are working on our website for TKP (Teaching Kids Programming) and YOU can help!  How?  We need to take the content from all the various repositories (YouTube, SlideShare, CodePlex, our own heads, etc…) and get it into a USABLE format.

We are looking for help evaluating how we did from the following groups (here’s the menus from the main site – which may change):


1) STUDENTS – are you trying to learn to program using our stuff? Can you find everything? Do you know what to do?  What else can we give you?

2) VOLUNTEERS TEACHERS – are you a programmer or a certified teacher who is trying to teach using our materials?  What works, what is missing?

3) EVENT ORGANIZERS – we do NOT do logistics, but maybe you do.  If you want to host a TKP event in your city, how can our site help you to link interested teaching volunteers with your kids?

Let us know – we are doing this for you!  You can send email via this blog or post comments on twitter - here

HUGE thanks to Chad Collins for leading the website makeover.

Happy Holidays.