User Profile Syncronization failure: "MOSS MA not found"

After two incredible week, where I litterally fought against User Profile Synchronization Service, finally I have the Solution to solve this critical issue known as "MOSSMA not found" error.

This issue is generated by a mismatched configuration into FIM client installed toghether with SharePoint 2010...

Infact into miisclient.exe (you can find it into C:\Program files\Microsoft Office Server/14.0/Synchronization Service/UIShell/), after that you have configured all Profile Sync Service (pay attention don't configure FIM manually), there will be three different settings into FIM console:

  1. MOSSAD-ServiceApplicationName
  3. ILMA

All is caused by ILMA configuration that manage also SQL DB Profile connection and Registry Key; into this configuration, under ILMA - Management Agents - Properties - Connect to Database, under FIM Service base address you will have http://localhost:5725

You have to replace localhost with FIMServerName, opening on firewall the FIM standard port 5725 and you have to exclude this new address into Proxy connection otherwise FIM doesn't contact its DB.

I hope that this will be fine for you.

Best Regards