Curah! - Curate the web and share what you know

Searching for great technical information is tough – and finding the right place to contribute and show off great content that you’ve either written or discovered is also challenging. With our new content service Curah!, we have a way to make both those tasks easier.

We’ve developed Curah! as a way to help customers discover great technical content. Curah! has a very specific purpose: to help people searching in Bing or Google find annotated collections of great content that specifically target common user questions. We’ve all been there before, typing in a search query and then hunting and clicking through pages of search results wondering where the good stuff is, what’s reputable, what’s appropriate and what’s current. A Curah! curation takes the guesswork out of the process - because it has been hand-selected and annotated by experts. We want customers to think about what they find as the “best of the web” – with descriptions of (and links to) great content that has been curated by others. Our curations are created by others who’ve trod the path to knowledge before them - and learned firsthand about the good resources out there.

So when you are in your search engine, look for Curah! When you do, you’ll know what you’re going to get: a collection of annotated links that can help guide you to the content you need.

If you have content or insights to share, Curah! also invites you to share what you know, which you can easily do at The Curah! site offers a great opportunity to promote what you know by becoming a curator.

The role of curator is key to the success of Curah! Curators know the problems they’ve tackled in their work, and the content exists on the web that addresses those problems.

Curators know what is authoritative, what is helpful, and what is appropriate for users of varying levels of expertise. Curah! enables them to easily create a set of links and descriptions - and to publish it to the web within seconds.

Curah! is a great way for experts in a particular technology, product, solution, or scenario to share their knowledge.