MIX '09 - The next big milestone for web developers and designers

This morning, we kicked off MIX 09 in Las Vegas and announced the release of a number of technologies including Silverlight 3 beta, Expression Blend 3 Preview and the SuperPreview feature in Expression Web.


This powerful set of technologies enables developers and designers to create unparalleled end to end rich internet experiences. We also demonstrated solutions from key partners including Netflix, Bondi Digital Publishing, StackOverflow.com and KEXP.


Additionally, building on Silverlight’s success during the Beijing Olympics Games last summer, NBC Universal has chosen Silverlight to deliver the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games on its official Web site, NBCOlympics.com.


With Silverlight 3, we’re introducing more than 50 new features and 20 new controls, including support for running Silverlight applications out of the browser, dramatic video quality and performance improvements.


Expression Blend 3 Preview dramatically improves designer and developer workflow and productivity by facilitating a complete end-to-end experience.


SuperPreview, a feature of Expression Web, enables developers to quickly and easily troubleshoot web page rendering across a wide variety of browsers.


Below is a brief summary of the key features across Silverlight 3 and Expression Blend 3:


High Quality Video & Audio

With support for native H.264, live and on-demand IIS7 Smooth Streaming, full HD (720p+) playback, and an extensible decoder pipeline, Silverlight 3 beta brings rich, full-screen, stutter-free media experiences to the desktop.


Powerful Graphics

Silverlight 3 support for perspective 3D graphics as well as built‑in and extensible shader effects enable even more exciting scenarios for developers. Hardware acceleration improves graphics performance by taking advantage of graphics hardware.

Out of Browser

Applications now work everywhere the Web works and even where it doesn’t. Silverlight allows users to take applications out of browser where they can be accessed on the desktop while being just as secure as those in the browser. With Windows 7, out of browser Silverlight applications can be pinned to the task bar.


Breakthrough Tooling Support

Expression Blend 3 delivers Sketchflow, a radically innovative capability for designers to be able to rapidly prototype the interactive flow of applications, receive in context annotated feedback from their clients to enable the rapid iteration of their ideas from concept to reality.