MVPs are in town!

Every two years, Microsoft holds a summit for MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) - people who are recognized for their outstanding technical community participation. They are nominated annually by their peers and Microsoft employees for voluntarily sharing their high quality, real world expertise in offline and online technical communities. Nominees are chosen from traditional and emerging community venues, including public news groups, forums, third-party web sites, user groups, book authors, event speakers, blogs, and wikis.

Current MVPs reside in over 90 countries, write in 30 languages, and share their expertise in over 90 Microsoft technologies. The summit is a multi-day event that primarily focuses on face-to-face interaction for the MVPs both among themselves as well as with the product teams. To me, the two way dialog that happens as a result of this is a huge value add.


Earlier this week, I spoke to a group of about 700 of the MVPs, most of whom are developers, and was happy to see all these people who are so passionate about Microsoft products and tools in one place - networking and learning more about our products. I love the MVPs for a couple of reasons – they keep us honest (in terms of good, constructive feedback) and they are my best ambassadors with the rest of the community. In some sense, I think about the MVPs as a core extension to my team. The feedback that they provide is invaluable to making sure we get the right product out for our customers.


Thank you for being such great community leaders.