Silverlight: Lighting up the client

At PDC last week, Scott Guthrie showed some of the great apps developers have already built for Windows Phone 7 using Silverlight, as well as the rich set of development tools we have just delivered for building applications with it. If you missed PDC, you can view the keynote and other sessions at (in Silverlight of course!).

Following PDC there have been questions surrounding Silverlight's future, and I wanted to apologize for our role in causing some confusion around that. Earlier today, Bob Muglia posted some clarifications about this topic and the very important strategic role Silverlight has going forward.

Silverlight enables developers to build fantastic media experiences and business applications for the client, and applications for phone and embedded devices. Organizations are already using Silverlight 4 as an incredibly powerful enterprise business application platform (complete with powerful data-binding support, networking, WCF, printing, MVVM pattern separation, and more), which together with the tooling improvements we've made in Visual Studio and Expression Blend, enables developers to build great enterprise applications with high productivity and results.

I'm very proud of the work we've done in four versions of Silverlight and am very excited about the work we're doing for the next version and we have plenty more to do.