The world of multi and many cores

In the past, software applications were built using the strength and capabilities of desktop hardware. Hardware has advanced so quickly that software developers did not have to think about making their applications faster with each release – they could keep adding features and as they did, the hardware would support this growth. However, this exponential growth of processor speed has slowed down.

Chip manufacturers would tell us that the world is going to see an explosive growth of multi and many cores in the next generation microprocessors and systems that ship them. This opens the doors for a world where we need to build the capability of building software solutions with parallel computing techniques to the broad developer base. Today, parallel computing is still restricted to a select few people working on select hardware and environments.

We are doing some early incubation work to bring parallel computing power to the broad developer base to embrace this inflection shift through elegant software architectures, rich libraries, and powerful tools and languages all aimed at our first and best customers, our developers.


The opportunities here are huge and as we make progress in the coming year(s), we will be able to talk specifics.