SQL Server Modeling CTP is available for download

Download the modeling CTP here and read about changes to it in this blog entry.

My team, SQL Server Modeling Services team (previously "Repository") delivered the following as part of this CTP: Repository patterns, System.Runtime domain and Microsoft.Uml2 domain.  This introductory video provide a high level overview of SQL Server Modeling Services.  Besides Douglas Purdy's blog, you can get answers to SQL Server Modeling CTP FAQ at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd129873.aspx

I am not at PDC 2009 this year, but have been reading the keynote summaries online.  The following PDC 2009 Resources Page contains download links for key application development technologies including:

Even though you can obtain relevant information being presented at the conference remotely, it is not same as physically attending a conference in person and feeling the energy from other attendees. Also, it is sunny and 67 degrees in Los Angeles today - compared to cloudy, rainy 48 degrees here in Seattle!