StyleCop update is released

I am pleased to announce that we’re released another build of StyleCop which includes multiple bugfixes as well as one significant new feature, the ability to insert in-code rule suppressions using the same attribute syntax as FxCop Code Analysis. For more information about rule suppressions, see this blog post:

This release also fixes an issue accidently introduced into the last update which caused a bit of annoyance. It’s once again possible to “stack” your using statements such as:

using (Graphics g = this.CreateGraphics())
using (Form f = new Form())
using (Class c = new Class())
// Do stuff


  • 89: Incorrect requirement to use string.Empty within const variable and field declarations
  • 125, 217: Support for foreign characters
  • 138, 139: Sorting issues with using directives
  • 161: StyleCop incorrectly calculates accessibility of property set accessors and requires incorrect summary text.
  • 171, 175, 192: Parsing error with complex generic types
  • 173: Parsing error with fixed size array fields
  • 184: StyleCop hangs indefinitely analyzing file
  • 189: Incorrect requirement to use built-in type aliases within using directives
  • 190: Allow using directives to be “stacked”. Only require curly brackets for the last stacked using directive.
  • 218: Spacing issue
  • Fix for threading issue

Please upgrade to the new version at your earliest convenience:

Install link: