Get started with RHEL using no-cost RHEL development subscription on Azure

Hope all of you have seen the exciting updates on RedHat and Microsoft partnership and the premium RHEL images in Azure. Currently premium images available in Azure are not available for free trial. Provisioning a VM from this image requires a subscription with no spending limit and verified payment method (usually a credit card) associated with subscription. For more information, you can read the details once you pick the RHEL image in azure like below. So, how about as a developer you want to use an existing free RHEL developer subscription or get a new one – keep reading….


Good news is – RHEL provides no-cost RHEL developer subscription and one can sign up for it from this link.

I would strongly recommend to read the Terms & Conditions before you start

You can create a RHEL VHD based out of the developer subscription and you can bring your VHD to azure. You won't be getting SSO experience like the premium images in Azure though, but I believe it doesn't matter for developers J

In my next blog post, I'm going to give go deep into this process. I have already tested and it works great in my Azure subscription. Stay tuned!