PerformancePoint Services - Development Environment

Once we develop any BI applications using PerformancePoint Services in SharePoint we can develop and publich dashobarods, KPIs etc from a client machine using DashBoard Designer. But how can we implement a proper development environment and an integration enviorment for testing all contents from different developers before publishing to Staging , QA or a Production Environment.

Here it is.Setup the development environment for the PerformancePoint service development. Assume there are three SharePoint environments, development, testing and production and two developers.

  1. Create site collection using “Business Intelligence” template for each developer.
  2. Create a testing & integration site collection using “Business Intelligence” template
  3. Developers can use dashboard designer to work offline with a local copy of the workspace in their computer to develop and test the performancepoint content with their site collection.
  4. Once they are done with the work, then can import only those contents to the test and then integration site collection (eg: http://dev/sites/AllBI as in the below diagram) using the import feature of Dashboard
    designer. Make sure that the “Data Connections” library’s version setting is disabled with the “check out files”.
  5. Once everything is tested properly then import those contents ( only the required contents) to the Test Environment and then to Production.




Import PerformancePoint Dashboard 2010 content from a SharePoint Server 2010 server, site, or list