IIS ApplicationHost.config - Request Filtering (e.g. Filetype *.mdb)

If you want to allow a filetype like e.g. *.mdb it's not enough to allow that type within SharePoint.

You've to allow it as well within IIS (if request filtering is enabled)


That can be done manually



OR: if you've multiple IIS Servers within your SharePoint Farm via PowerShell Script:



$servers = "server1","server2","server3","server4"

foreach ($server in $servers)




 Invoke-Command -computername $server -ScriptBlock {


        import-module webadministration


        Function Enable-IISFileExtension








            $xml = [XML](Get-Content -Path $ConfigFile -ErrorAction STOP)

            $item = $xml.configuration."system.webServer".security.requestFiltering.fileExtensions.add | Where-Object {$_.fileExtension -match "$FileType"}

            $item.allowed = $Flag



            return $xml.configuration."system.webServer".security.requestFiltering.fileExtensions.add | Where-Object {$_.fileExtension -match "$FileType"}



        Enable-IISFileExtension -ConfigFile "C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config\applicationHost.config" -FileType ".mdb" -Flag "True"