SharePoint Social Rating Updates moreoften than once per hour

These two TimerJobs are responsible for Social Rating Updates:


  • User Profile service application - social data maintenance
    • Aggregates social tags and ratings and cleans the social data change log.
  • User Profile service application proxy - social rating synchronization
    • Synchronizes rating values between the social database and content database.

Per default these Jobs are running hourly. You can modify these jobs to run more than once an hour up to once per minute.



Performance Considerations when you let this timerjob run e.g.: once per minute:

 --> You have to monitor especially the performance of your social database, because this is the single point where every rating information is inserted.



 How to find out how long these TimerJobs are currently running:

$social_timer = get-sptimerjob | ? {$_.Name -like "*social*"}


foreach ($timer in $social_timer)


    write-host "Duration of TimerJob:" $ "(hh:mm:ss,ms)" -foregroundcolor yellow


     $historyentries = $timer.historyentries

     foreach ($hist in $historyentries)


        $duration = $hist.EndTime - $hist.StartTime

        write-host $duration.hours":"$duration.minutes":"$duration.seconds","$duration.milliseconds -foregroundcolor green