The Office365Mon REST APIs Continue to Grow

At Office365Mon we love, love, love developers, so we continue to invest in growing the APIs we provide.  As we noted last month, we added support for webhooks to our notification pipeline.  That allows you to receive a JSON payload in your own web site and kick off your own workflow when outages occur or an Office 365 service changes status.  It’s this second scenario where we’ve done a little more work with our REST API this month.

To briefly recap what we mean by an Office 365 service changing status – at Office365Mon you can choose to monitor for service status changes.  That means a service – like Exchange Online – has several sub-services or features, such as “Sign-in”, “E-mail and calendar access”, “Voice mail”, etc.  Each of those sub-services has a service status.  The status can be one of these values:

  • Investigating
  • RestoringService
  • VerifyingService
  • ServiceRestored
  • PostIncidentReviewPublished
  • ServiceDegradation
  • ServiceInterruption
  • ExtendedRecovery
  • Scheduled
  • InProgress
  • Completed
  • Canceled
  • ServiceOperational

So being able to monitor a change in the service status means that you can get notified when a sub-service enters the “Investigating” state, or “ServiceInterruption” state, etc.  This has in fact been an extremely popular Office365Mon feature for our Enterprise Premium customers.  Until now though, you had to manage the statuses that we monitor in the browser.  What we’ve just released are some additions to our Subscription Management API to allow you to manage this programmatically as well.  Given the popularity of this feature, as well as the desire of most of our Partners to be able to script everything, this was a natural fit to add to our API.

Here’s a brief rundown on the new APIs we’ve added in support of this:

  • Get Service Status Values – Use this method to get a list of all of the possible service statuses that can be monitored.  You can use this to allow your users to select the service statuses they want to monitor, or as values to send to the Subscription Management API to set the statuses that are being monitored for a subscription.
  • Get the Monitored Service Statuses – Use this method to get the service statuses that are being monitored for a subscription.
  • Set the Monitored Service Statuses – Use this method to set the service statuses that are being monitored for a subscription.

All of these new APIs have been fully documented in our SDK, which you can download from here. We’ve also added code samples for each of these new APIs to our Subscription Management API sample code that you can download from here.  We hope you’ll find this APIs a nice addition to your developer tool belt at Office365Mon.

From Sunny Phoenix,