Use Social Tools to Tell me What You Want to See Here Next

Hey folks, I decided to try something completely new and different (on a few different fronts). I mostly blog about topics that I've seen come up with customers, or requests from folks that I know at work. I thought I'd give a go at harnessing the power of social media though to get ideas and suggestions for topics that YOU would like to see covered. I've had a Twitter account that I've never used (other than for OAuth testing) so today is the day we'll see if we can get some value out of it. I tweeted the start of "contest" if you will where I'm soliciting these ideas from you, and you can submit them by just replying to that tweet. I'll pick ones that I find interesting and have broad appeal (subject to my free time) and will post them here on Share-n-Dipity. If your idea is selected you get full credit for it in the posting.

Here's the tweet - start replying with your ideas and suggestions! 

What SharePoint 2013 / Yammer thing do you want to know more about? Reply with your idea and I'll try to pick a few for Share-n-Dipity blog

— Steve Peschka (@speschka) September 4, 2013