Display Azure status history in a SharePoint site with a web part


Consider this scenario:

  • You attempt to display the Application Program Interface (API) status history for several Microsoft cloud APIs in a SharePoint site.
  • You use the Azure RSS feed with the RSS Viewer web part.
  • You attempt to view the status for each of your APIs but only see one status item. That one displayed doesn’t refresh often.


Insert the XML Viewer Web Part into a SharePoint page. Then set the XML Link property to the Azure statushistoryapi page with the desired query string parameters. See the following example:


More Information

Azure provides history data at https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/status/history/. The web request to get the data with variable filters can be captured with Fiddler Trace. This request corresponds to these filters:

  •  Product: All
  •  Region: Central US
  •  Date: Most recent

The data retrieved is in XML format, which can be consumed with the XML Viewer Web Part rather than the RSS Viewer web part.

POST BY :Jing Wang [MSFT]