SharePoint 2016: Audience Compilation & Manager Population issues with External Identity Manager Configuration

In SharePoint 2016 , if you have  configured Synchronization Settings  to use External Identity Manager , Population of manager Attribute for User profiles &  Audience Compilation using Active Directory  groups will not work .  Let's Discuss this Scenario  in  Detail

Manager Attribute : Once the User is Assigned a Manager  in Active Directory & sync  is run . You would see the Manager  pass thru the Sync Steps but the User Profile's Manager Attribute is never updated .

Audience :  If you try to create Audience   using a Member of Attribute of an  Active Directory group  which is  being Synced . The Audience Compilation will  not show any users .

The Reason of the  seen behavior is  Due to the fact that  in this  Configuration ( External Identity Manager ) the  Post Processing  events   which are responsible  to Compute  & update  Referential Attributes  like Manager & Group Memberships  are not triggered .  And that this is a known behavior carried over from SP2013 documented here

For Eg. In "SharePoint Active Directory Import " Mode , we see following  in ULS logs indicating  Post Processing Steps execution after Moss_export  for Profiles & Group Updates

 07/14/2016 11:25:01.03        OWSTIMER.EXE (0x093C)        0x00F0        SharePoint Portal Server        User Profiles        afoeg        Medium        UserProfileApplication.SynchronizationPostProcessing: About to call IMPORTEXPORT_PostImportUserProperties        5ca28f9d-a7ef-40f9-0000-09ced720b07b
 07/14/2016 11:25:01.04        OWSTIMER.EXE (0x093C)        0x00F0        SharePoint Portal Server        User Profiles        afoei        Medium        UserProfileApplication.SynchronizationPostProcessing: About to call IMPORTEXPORT_PostImportMembers        5ca28f9d-a7ef-40f9-0000-09ced720b07b

The Fix here is this Situation is  to Switch  to " SharePoint Active Directory Mode " &  Continue using the External Identity Manager  for  Sync setup , Ensuring an ADImport Sync Connection  is never created .  Once you Switch to "SharePoint Active Directory Import"   Configuration or Vice versa  , you will Hit another  Issue where the  Sync  would fail which will need additional Steps to Cleanup  Connector Space  Table  & restore the Sync Functionality .  Details are provided on My other post  here


The Group membership & Manager filed Population is now fixed with deployment of a new time job " Updates Profile Memberships and Relationships job" that's runs every 5 minutes by default . This will be available after you deploy the Feb 2017 update for SharePoint Server 2016 KB 3141517

There may be a possibility that the job " Updates Profile Memberships and Relationships job" may not show up in List of Timer Job definitions once the update is installed . This scenario is being investigated , till then use the   inbuilt Health analyzer rule to provision the missing UPA jobs , as per steps described here


Post By : Rajan Kapoor [MSFT]