Sharepoint 2016 - MysiteCleanup Job functionality changes

Here is a Quick look at what's new  with the  Mysite Cleanup job in Sharepoint On-Prem  2016 &  how it impacts the  functionality of  profile deletion & cleanup .

How this worked in Sharepoint 2010 / Sharepoint 2013 ?

The user profile in the profile store can be marked for deletion (bdeleted=1) when the actual user is deleted or it meets a User filter in FIM (eg:UserAccountControl bitonequal 2). When the mysite clean up job is executed, such profiles are immediately deleted and corresponding mysites are kept for 14 days for data recovery.

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Note : While AD import is configured, you will need to execute a set of commands to get the disabled / deleted users marked for deletion

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Whats new in Sharepoint 2016 ?

The SharePoint 2016 works similar to Sharepoint 2013 , however the profiles marked for deletion (bdeleted=1) will not be immediately deleted, such profiles will be preserved for 30 days.

This is how a profile look like when its active.






When the user is marked for deletion , the bdeleted and NTName values are updated. The NTName column value will be appended with the UserID.






To calculate the 30 days retention , we have introduced a new table (upa.userprofilescheduledforremoval) and the value will be populated when the user is marked for deletion. When the mysite Clean up job runs , it queries this table and picks up the profiles that are more than 30 days and process them.






Note : It is not recommended to Query any Sharepoint databases manually or to make changes other than ones described at .

I see the Profiles in my farm are never  Deleted , Even after 30 days & Successful Run of Mysite Cleanup Job ?

We  at Microsoft are already aware of this issue  &  working  to  get this addressed in one our upcoming updates .  Such profiles  can be removed manually, using Central Admin  or   PowerShell script as needed .  We will update this post once we have more info on the fix .


Update [Aug 9, 2017] : The above mentioned issue with MysiteCleanup job on Sharepoint 2016 has been resolved in Aug 2017 CU.

Download Sharepoint 2016 updates :\#BKMK\_2016

Please test , plan and review , back up the data and then install the CU on production farms.


POST By : Manjesh Menon [MSFT]