Case study: Bank SinoPac benefits from TEMENOS T24 running on SQL Server and Windows Server

The Taiwanese banking sector is intensely competitive and fragmented, making it very challenging for banks to generate attractive margins by exercising price differentiation and charging appropriate risk premiums in the lending business. In response, many banks in Taiwan have been actively seeking alternative paths to growth and profitability, through expanding abroad (especially to mainland China), creating new product lines, achieving a higher level of segmentation and customization, increasing fee-based income, or enhancing customer service. To deploy these strategies effectively, it is necessary to have a modern, scalable, flexible and cost-effective core banking system such as TEMENOS T24 running on Microsoft technologies.

Bank SinoPac - a full-service Taiwan-based commercial bank with more than 3 million customers, 129 branches, and 2 million transactions per day - turned to Temenos and Microsoft in an effort to differentiate itself more clearly and enter new growth areas while managing its cost base. In July of 2012, Bank SinoPac went live with TEMENOS T24 running on SQL Server and Windows Server. The results have been amazing:

  • The time to complete the daily close-of-business (COB) has fallen by 70% (from 13 hours to 4 hours).
  • The month-end COB takes 6 hours less than before.
  • The batch input/ouput daily and monthly processing times are 1.4 and 3 hours shorter than before.
  • Annual hardware and software maintenance costs have been reduced by 50%.
  • SinoPac has substantially condensed its product go-to-market cycle, and now has a single integrated platform for expansion to mainland China and beyond.

These benefits will be amplified as Bank SinoPac grows, thanks to the proven scalability and resilience of the platform.

For the details, read the case study.