SQL Server 2012 provides performance, scalability, and value for Summit FT

Summit FT is the Misys cross-asset, front-to-back solution that specializes in derivatives and structured products for global investment banks. As part of their partnership, Misys and Microsoft worked together to demonstrate that Summit FT’s foreign exchange trade processing functionality, running on SQL Server 2012 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise, can achieve high throughputs of FX trades and meet the needs of large Summit FT customers. Performance was measured under both peak load and sustained load conditions.

The benchmark testing demonstrated that for peak loads, Summit FT running on SQL Server 2012 can process a burst of FX trades, update the associated FX positions, and distribute all the position updates to a large number of users in less than 20 seconds for 1,000 trades and within approximately one minute for 5,000 trades. For a sustained load, which represents a more realistic daily usage pattern (a steady stream of trades at a lower volume over the course of the day), the benchmark testing for up to 200 connections and equivalent to 400,000 trades per day showed that Summit FT can comfortably sustain a high level of performance without experiencing any performance degradation or excessive resource usage over time. In addition, Summit FT running on SQL Server 2012 was extremely stable in all tests. These results confirm that Summit FT running on SQL Server 2012 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise can handle the demands of major financial organizations.

For all of the details, read white paper and the solution brief.