Up in the Air

Airplanes with Props

One of my favorite short flights is the flight from Seattle, WA to Portland, OR.

If the weather cooporates you can get views like this;

Mt. Rainier

There are a number of things I like about this flight.  First, I like airplanes with props - just something about them. Second, this flight is so short that as soon as you clear the mountains you start coming back down.  I don't know what the altitude gets up to but it is not very high. That leads to third,  I love looking out the window and seeing the world from above.  I grew up around here so I can name all the mountains and rivers and lakes along the way.  I am fascinated by the shape of the land and seeing the effects of vulcanism, wind, water and time on the landscape.

This flight was particularly nice.  Late afternoon the sun was just setting and the morning's snowstorm had just blown itself out..

Mt. Saint Helens (that's Mt. Adams in the background)

What are we going to see here?

In this blog I will be covering SQL Server technical topics focusing primarily on the relational engine, database design and development and query performance.  It will be driven primarily by the work I do as a SQL Server specialist in the Microsoft Operations Consulting team.  Microsoft classifies me as "non-location specific" which means I travel. All... The... Time. I have the opportulity to assist and consult all over the country for an incredible variety of SQL Server customers. My clients come in all shapes and sizes and so do their SQL Server environments.  One week I may be coaching performance monitoring to a brand new accidental DBA and the next week trying to eek out the absolute fastest data load for a 2 TB table with a team that has already tried everything they can think of. My job is not boring.

There will also be blogs like this one that are not technical at all.

Let the adventure begin!