Permissions for Windows administrator to perform SQL Server setup

You're starting a SQL Server setup | you've faced permission related errors during SQL Server setup | you've also gone through the article however finding it difficult to proceed, then read below :-)

  1. Open Command prompt, on Windows 7 or above choose to "Run as Administrator"
  2. type:
    cd %temp%
  3. Type following command line exactly as it appears with the variables:
    whoami /all > %username%_%computername%_Perms.txt
  4. Open your <actual_username>_<actual_server_name_Perms.txt
  5. Under Group Names verify you see:
  6. Now scroll to bottom and the PRIVILEGES INFORMATION sections
  7. Look for the following privileges, ignore the State column, this shows if currently being used. As long as the privilege is listed, it is granted, if you had to add the permission user must logout and log back in to take effect.

Privilege Name



Act as part of the operating system – Should only ever be granted temporally while running setup, must be removed after installation to prevent security vulnerability.


Replace a process level token – required for SQL Server 2005 failover clustered instances

Tip: Disks on Failover Clusters can fail to appear if BUILTIN\Administrators removed from:


Debug programs

With the privileges noted above any SQL Server setup should normally complete unless, local BUILTIN\Administrators has been limited (Hint: weird group policies!).

This is KKB from SQL Server world!