What did I learn?

This blog is slightly non-technical rather it's a bit about myself.

I worked in Microsoft IGTSC for 4 years. Spent sleepless nights (because I was working :p) and spent good days during days while I was working for US after-hours business on SQL Azure technologies.

In this period, I gained a lot of technical skills. With the same spirit I joined my second company ANZ as a Technical consultant. I am a person who is happy with what I am doing and I love to say that I see my future very clear in this field.


Today is the start of my next initiative - what did I learn today?


I am sure we learn a lot of stuff at job and do not see the importance of sharing our learning with others but what I observed over time is, every bit of knowledge sharing is important so some soul who's in a hurry to fix something, design something, build something! 

I have been trying to figure out what's out there which'll earn you value in terms of technology. I saw a video on Python with 6 lines of code we could achieve what we could do using C (no, I'm not judging C; I love C too!)

Well, I better start writing what I learnt today!