ENHANCEMENT - Database Mail in SQL 2005 64 bit and SP1

Database Mail is a new feature in SQL 2005 that provides enterprise class mailing functionality in SQL 2005 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

SQL Server 2005 RTM x64/IA64

In SQL 2005 RTM x64 and IA64 bit versions, you can use Database Mail features just as you would on 32 bit versions of SQL.

However, on the 64bit RTM versions, you cannot have SQL Agent interact with Database Mail to send notification of job failure/success etc. This is by design.

On SQL Server 2005 32 bit RTM versions, SQLAgent can interact with and use Database Mail subsystem.

Workaround for RTM versions of SQL 2005 x64/IA64

On 64 bit versions of SQL, you can use SQLAgent Mail through a MAPI profile, as documented in the KB article 908360.

Service Pack 1 enhancement

With the launch of Service Pack 1, Microsoft has improved on this functionality.

Now, you can use Database Mail as the mailing system for your SQL Agent on x64/IA64 versions, after applying SP1.

POSTED BY : Sanchan Saxena