Installing SQL 2005 using the 2 CDs

Another area where we get quite a few support calls. Lets address this today.


SQL 2005 Media

When you order SQL 2005 media, you receive either a DVD or 2 CDs.

Installing from DVD

Installing from DVD is pretty straightforward. Pop in the DVD in your drive and launch setup.exe from the Servers folder.

Installing from 2 CDs

CD 1 contains server components and CD 2 has the tools components.

To launch setup from CD 1, you can double click on setup.exe and walk through the setup. Setup will prompt you for CD2 later.

However, in case you don't want to run setup from your CD drive, you can copy the contents of both the CDs on a local disk or at a network share.

  • Create a folder on a disk drive that has enough space.
  • Under this folder, create two folders - one called Servers and the other called Tools.
  • Copy the contents of CD 1 to the Servers folder
  • Copy CD 2 to the Tools folder.
  • To run setup, double click on setup.exe under the Servers folder and it will launch the wizard.

When the setup needs files from the CD 2 (now, the contents of the Tools folder), it will automatically pick it up and will continue with setup, without prompting you to insert CD 2.

POSTED BY : Sanchan Saxena