Microsoft Connect - Submit bugs for SQL Server 2005 Online

Yes, you heard it right.

If you have run into an issue with SQL Server and feel that it is a bug (something that does not work the way you think it is supposed to), you can file your feedback through the Microsoft Product Feedback Center website.

Feedback filed through this website gets reviewed by the Microsoft product team. They evaluate the importance of the issues and recommend workarounds to help you fix the issue. Your suggestion could very well help improve product design or behavior.

To file a bug, start here:

First register your profile

Before you get started, you need to do the following:

  • Sign in
    You can use your Live account to sign in.

  • Register your profile with Connect
    If you are using Connect for the first time, you need to register yourself before you can submit an issue.

    After sign-in, click on Manage Your Connect Profile link on the bottom left hand corner of the page. Fill in the details about yourself to register a profile. Remember that this registration is a one time process.

Post your issue

Once you are signed in and registered with Connect, click on the link Feedback to get started.

  • Search if your issue is already reported
    Before you file your own issue, you can search to find out if other customers have also reported the same. If you do find your issue already reported, you can give it more weight by voting on it.

  • If not, then go ahead and file one yourself
    If you cannot find an issue that is similar to yours, go ahead and file one for yourself. You will be required to fill up details like steps to repro, expected results, any attachments etc.

What next?

Connect offers a number of other options:

  • Vote for an issue
    You can increase the chance that it will get fixed by clicking on the title and voting on it.

  • Validate the issue
    Let the product teams know if you too can reproduce the issue. If many people are reporting the same issue, the importance of the issue will be increased.

  • Discuss it
    You can post a comment and discuss with fellow customers who are experiencing the same issue.

  • Report a workaround
    If you have found a workaround, you can post it and help other customers resolve their issue as well.

  • Notification
    You can register to receive a notification email if the issue is updated.

Help improve SQL Server

As mentioned earlier, the feedback filed at MS Product Feedback Center is viewed directly by the respective product teams at Microsoft. They actively monitor the website and provide their comments about your issues.

Please note that this is NOT a channel to receive support from Microsoft. If you need technical assistance, please use any of the channels mentioned here.

Thank you for helping us improve our products and your experience with them.

POSTED BY : Sanchan Saxena