Helping to make Hadoop easier by going Metro!

We are proud to announce that the community technology preview (CTP) of ApacheTM HadoopTM-based Services for Windows Azure (or Hadoop on Azure) is now available. As noted in on the SQL Server Data Platform Insider blog, the CTP is by invite only

While Hadoop is important to our customers for performance, scalability, and extreme volumes - as noted in our blog What’s so BIG about “Big Data”? – it is a slight paradigm shift for our us in the SQL community.   Therefore, one of the great things about our new Hadoop on Azure service is that we’ve made Hadoop go all Metro – that is a Metro UI with a Live Tile implementation.

What is even cooler is that you can interact with with Hadoop, Hive, Pig-Latin, Hadoop Javascript framework, Azure DataMarket, and Excel using the Hadoop on Azure service – check out the Channel 9 video for Hadoop on Azure at: for more information.

We’re really excited about this CTP – so if you want an invite code, please check out the fill out the Connect survey: (you may have to copy/paste this link).  Invite codes will be given out based on a selection criteria basis so please be patient.

 As well, check out all of the great documentation and content so you can keep up to date on Hadoop on Azure:



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