Getting Trained by the Father of Data Warehouse–Mr Bill Inmon

The last two weeks have been absolutely great, working on Data Warehousing (DW) offerings based on SQL Server. As you would have seen from my previous post we had Mark Thiessen out from Redmond. He spoke to many of our partners and customers about our DW offerings and also keynoted the DW 2.0 Summit.

We have had nothing but positive response about our SQL Server DW offerings:

  • SQL Server Enterprise/Data Center Edition
  • SQL Server Fast Track 2.0 Reference Architectures
  • Appliance like reference architectures
  • 4-48TB of data
  • SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse
  • DW Appliance
  • 10-400TB of data
  • Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) architecture

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This week we had four days of solid training from the Father of Data Warehousing – Mr Bill Inmon. His training was well received by several partners and he presented on building a Data Warehouse 2.0. During the training he also presented commentary on many of the DW vendors including his thoughts on Microsoft’s offering which I have captured below:

With all of these recent activity in the DW space I look forward to enabling customers to compete effectively with by providing cost effective and complete DW and BI solutions.

In case you missed any of these activities or want to know more about Microsoft’s Data Warehousing offerings please:

Join us on Nov 16 for a Free Virtual Seminar Focused on Next-Generation Data Warehousing Appliance Architectures

This Virtual Seminar will cover the following topics



Session 1: Architecture for the Next Generation of Data Warehousing and Data Warehouse Appliances - Evolving Together

Bill Inmon

Session 2: Microsoft’s Parallel Data Warehouse Overview

Val Fontama Mark Theisson

Session 3: HP and Microsoft: Mission-critical applications made simple – to speed business advantage

Jeff Spiller

Session 4: Strategies for consolidating enterprise data warehouses and data marts into a single platform

William McKnight

By attending this virtual seminar you will gain insight on how to:

  • Improve the ROI of existing BI investments
  • Expand your data warehouse (DW) scalability from tens to hundreds of terabytes
  • Enhance business agility and alignment with a hub-and-spoke DW architecture design
  • Improve mission-critical application performance at a lower price per terabyte
  • Incorporate standard hardware components from a number of vendors including Bull, EMC, HP and Intel.

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