It’s a cloudy day in Sydney today – why not take this opportunity to learn about the Windows Azure Cloud

Ever wanted to quickly get up to speed on anything Azure related in a lab setting?

The extensive collection of Windows Azure Virtual Labs is just a click away! Here is an excerpt from the current menu of tasty labs to try:

  • Web Services and Identity
  • Exploring Storage
  • Web Sites and Virtual Machines using ASP.NET and SQL Server
  • Connecting a PaaS Application to an IaaS Application
  • Introduction to the Windows Azure Access Control
  • Debugging Applications in Windows Azure
  • Introduction to Virtual Machines
  • Introduction to Cloud Services
  • Introduction to SQL Database
  • Advanced Web and Worker Roles
  • Worker Role Communication
  • Windows Phone and The Cloud
  • Building Services
  • Using Tables


This is a much better way of getting your knowledge then reading books and whitepapers. Start getting those hands on to the technology.