PowerBI - Gain Insights using familarity of Excel and power of the cloud with Office 365

Our session on Power BI from Teched Melbourne & Sydney is now available on Channel 9 - below is the link


Thank you for those that attended the last session on the Monday evening. Really appreciate it. Thank you for the great questions and being a attentive audience. Now ensure you go to www.powerbi.com and sign up for your free trial. Also you may have seen some of the announcements at the SQL PASS Summit 2014 - you can also sign up to get access for the preview of the upcoming changes to PowerBI -  http://solutions.powerbi.com/

Also big thank you to Fred Lecul for Scalability Experts for co-presenting and providing the demo of a real customer scenario and thank you to StormTech for letting us share their story. As a way of a free plug - if you are on a look out for architectural grates/drains please check their website - http://www.stormtech.com.au/