Accessing SQL Server from open source software

Earlier this week Microsoft release a PHP driver for SQL Server. You can download it from  Documentation is available online at There is a team blog at and a community forum at

The SQL Server Driver for PHP represents a new way for Microsoft to help developers access SQL Server from non-Microsoft development environments. The driver is a thin C++ wrapper on top of the Microsoft SQL Server Native Client ODBC driver, translating the PHP calls into ODBC API calls. This approach simplifies development and reduces the surface area from a security standpoint. In the future, we could build drivers for other languages (Ruby, Python, etc.) using this same approach without having to duplicate the low-level client interfaces. By making the source code for the PHP driver available, we are providing a blueprint to communities that do not yet have Microsoft-built SQL Server connectivity to show how they can access SQL Server via our ODBC driver.

The source code for the PHP driver is available from the codeplex site