Need your feedback on our new SQL Server Connectivity portal

SQL Server, as a database product, has grown over the years and there are multiple ways to connect to it. Often, the different ways to connect to the database get documented and discussed in the various technology sections, and the technology choice determines which connectivity method one is going to use. For example, if one is writing a C++ application then one has to go with ODBC whereas a PHP web site developer will choose the PHP driver of course.

Until now, this information was scattered all over the MSDN portal. However, there are situations where one has the freedom to pick the technology for the application and one of the primary considerations is “best fit” and then accurate information on how to use them effectively. No matter how good modern search engines are, it is preferred to find the authoritative site with accurate information. Towards this goal, we have launched a new SQL Server Connectivity portal that brings together all the different technologies to connect to SQL Server. Included in this effort is a restructure of the content to be consistent, and refreshed the content for accuracy. We hope you find it adequate enough to bookmark it as a authoritative and quick reference of your data access needs.

Now that we have done this, we need your feedback. Feedback on whether we are on the right track, what additional information you need, how we can structure it better, what else you would like to see, etc.

Of all the various connectivity technologies, PHP is the youngest for SQL Server. So, we need your feedback even more!

To send your feedback, use the Site Feedback link in the Additional Resources section of the main SQL Server Connectivity portal – this mechanism ensures that your feedback goes to the right set of folks to act on it (comments will be disabled for this blog post). This feedback link will be available until June 30, but it’s best to get your feedback in earlier.

SQL Server Driver for PHP team.