Announcing SQL Server Management Studio - November 2015 Release

Today, we are very pleased to announced the latest preview of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). This release includes all updates in the October release, and features bitmap scaling support for High-DPI displays in SSMS, user-interface improvements for AlwaysEncrypted dialogs and wizards, bug fixes for the SSMS-preview uninstaller, and many more.

Get it here:

The SSMS November preview will be available for download later today at the SSMS download page.

* The version number for the latest preview is 13.0.800.111

New in this release:

1. Bitmap scaling support for High-DPI displays in SSMS. Many thanks to Gianluca Sartori for his suggestion to use bitmap scaling to alleviate some problems with SSMS dialogs on High DPI monitors. We continue to actively work on enabling DPI scaling in SSMS within the next few months. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, we would love to hear your feedback on using this monthly release of SSMS on High-DPI displays.

2. Improvements to the user-interface of AlwaysEncrypted dialogs and wizards to simplify the process of creating database encryption keys.

3. New right-click context menu option in "Processes" list in Activity monitor to view Live Query statistics.

4. Bug fix to enable proper uninstall of SSMS preview releases on client machines. To remove SSMS preview releases prior to this November release, please follow instructions available on SSMS Release Notes.

5. Additional bug fixes to allow editing of job steps in SQL Job Agent when file is deleted.

Please visit the SSMS download page for additional details including Microsoft Connect IDs for issues that were fixed.

Known Issues:

The list of known issues is available in Release notes available here.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions or feedback, please visit our forum or Microsoft Connect page. We are fully committed to improving the SSMS experience and look forward to hearing from you!