Released: Public Preview for SQL Server vNext Replication Management Pack (

We are happy to announce that public preview for SQL Server vNext Replication Management Pack is ready. Please install and use this public preview and send us your feedback (

You can download the public preview at:

This management pack was thoroughly built from the ground up in accordance with Best Practices for SQL Server vNext. The monitoring provided by the management pack includes performance, availability, and configuration monitoring, as well as performance and events data collection. All monitoring workflows have predefined thresholds and complimentary knowledge base articles. You can integrate the monitoring of SQL Server vNext Replication components into your service-oriented monitoring scenarios.  In addition to health monitoring capabilities, this management pack includes dashboards, diagram views, state views, performance views and alert views that enable near real-time diagnostics and remediation of detected issues.  The management pack automatically selects the monitoring type used by the management pack for SQL Server vNext to monitor the appropriate SQL Server instance. Replication objects discovered and monitored by the management pack are as follows:

  • Distributor
  • Publisher
  • Subscriber
  • Publication
  • Subscription

Feature Summary The following list gives an overview of the features introduced by Microsoft System Center Operations Manager Management Pack for SQL Server vNext Replication. Please refer to Microsoft SQL Server vNext Replication Management Pack Guide for more details. Full functionality will be available with SQL Server vNext GA. This CTP release only covers a subset of monitors and rules. We will work towards full functionality as we release new CTPs.

  • Agentless monitoring is now available along with traditional agent monitoring. Agentless monitoring target is defined by SQL Server vNext Monitoring Pool.
  • Usage of scripts is discontinued in favor of .Net Framework modules.
  • SQL Server Dynamic Management Views and Functions are now used for getting information on health and performance. Previously some of these monitors were using WMI and other system data sources.

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback.