"Houston, we got some problem..." and "Houston, we got a problem..." - notice a difference?

So you have run into a problem - how to efficiently report this:

System configuration:

  • On a Desktop/Server, Run Winver from Start -> Run.
  • On a Pocket PC, Start -> Settings -> About
  • On a Smart Phone, a bit more steps - start -> Settings -> More ->About

Give us all the details you see here.

SQL CE Version:

  • Applies if you had installed SQL CE by various means <VS / SSMS etc.>
  • Search for the sqlcese*.dll, right click it and give us the version in version tab.

A detailed description of what you are trying to do:

  • Include all details like whether you are using Managed /Native code, single/multi-process and a sample code
  • A small repro of the error you are getting would be great! <In case of corrupt databases, the corrupt database>

A Dump file if the process has crashed / hung:

  • On a PC, install this wonderful tool - UserDump.exe from http://support.microsoft.com/kb/241215. This tool installs a control panel entry - click this and register your application's name on this. Next time you get a crash in that app, you will get a dump file in the location you specified. Neat isn't it?
    • In case of a hang, use the same tool above to assign a hotkey and dump the process's current state.

A word of caution, this crash dump file can be pretty big - so ensure you have enough disk space.

  • On a mobile device, this gets a bit trickier. If you are using Windows CE 5.0+ version, and if you are lucky enough to have an OEM vendor who has enabled Windows Error Reporting, you can get a dump. Read this wonderful article at http://windowsfordevices.com/articles/AT7568439504.html by Abraham Kcholi and Gad Meir.
  • For older devices <Win CE 4.2 and so on>, contact us with the program and the problem, and we will handle it case by case.

P.S: No, don't upload all the attachments on to the forums:), but keep them handy. The moment we start looking at this, we will be asking for these.

P.S.2: First post here - w00t! I am a developer in the engine team of SQL CE and I guess you will see me here time and again!



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