Introduction to Sparse Columns

In this video blog we would walk you through a feature introduced from SQL server 2008 i.e. Sparse Columns.

   Sparse columns are just an ordinary columns that have an optimized storage for null values.

   It reduces the space requirements for null values at the cost of more overhead to retrieve non null values.

   Check this blog to know how you can use "Sparse Columns" to save space used by Null values.

  Blog highlights:-

  1. Purpose of Sparse columns
  2. Schema Design techniques
  3. Introduction to Sparse columns
  4. Tradeoffs
  5. Demo

To watch the video in better quality please check the link: -

Presented By: - Shraddha Gupta,Support Engineer,Microsoft GTSC
Reviewed By: - Gurwinderjit Singh,Technical Lead,Microsoft GTSC