IoT Smart Grid code sample

This code sample simulates an IoT Smart Grid scenario where multiple IoT power meters are constantly sending measurements to a SQL Server 2016 in-memory database. The sample is leveraging the following features: Memory Optimized Tables, Table valued Parameters (TVPs), Natively Compiled Stored Procedures, System-Versioned Temporal Tables (for building version history), Clustered Columnstore Index, Power BI (for data visualization). The combination of these features could be used to improve performance in High Data Input Rate / Shock Absorber scenarios, as well as to address scenarios where a memory optimized table exceeds available memory (also referred to as memory cliff).


The v1.0 release of the sample, including binaries and easy setup scripts, is available here:
IoT Smart Grid code sample v1.0 Release

The source code along with instructions on how to configure and run the sample can be found here:
IoT Smart Grid Source Code

Please give the sample a try, and let us know what you think!