ok - really the last blog post - Mondays, Mystic, and a Museum

My new blog's not active until September 1st but I wanted to blog about something cool - and totally unrelated to work. Over the weekend Kimberly and I were in Connecticut for the birthday party pig-roast for Carl Franklin (of DotNetRocks fame) along with our good friends Richard Campbell - also from DotNetRocks - and his wife Stacy and Michele Leroux Bustamante. Apart from the great party, we got to be the live audience for the latest recording of their comedy show Mondays in the very cool studio where DotNetRocks is recorded and produced. This is one of the funniest shows I've ever heard - Mark Miller had us crying with laughter. I heartily encourage you to listen - parental advisory though - not for the sensitive or easily offended :-) The link to the show is here - all I can say is BANANAS!!!

While we were there we also went to Mystic Seaport and the US Navy Submarine Force Museum - both excellent and well worth visiting, especially if you're a ships-and-submarines nut like me.