Add-ons pour ISA Server 2004 (mise à jour : 22/08/2005)

En complément des partenaires déjà référencés sur le site de Microsoft (, voici d'autres produits qui ne sont pas référencés

- Collective Software

Collective Software FlexAuth

FlexAuth FlexAuth Single Sign On ISA Server 2004 Customizable Forms Based Authentication brings Single Sign On features to your published web sites in ISA 2004 (Standard or Enterprise).

  • Single sign-on extranet
  • Customize FBA
  • Span credentials across listeners
  • Publish all Exchange services on one listener
  • LDAP authentication
  • Enhanced group management outside domain

Collective Software WebTOS

With WebTOS WebTOS Terms of Service ISA Server 2004 your organization can display a fully configurable "Terms of Service" or "license agreement" dialog to your web users before they are allowed HTTP access. WebTOS is useful for the following scenarios:

  • If you want to present your internal users with a TOS screen before letting them use the web.
  • If you need external Internet users to agree to a TOS prior to accessing one or more of your published servers.

Collective Software WebDirect

WebDirect enables Microsoft® ISA Server 2004 to issue HTTP and HTTPS redirects. With WebDirect you can write ISA web publishing rules that redirect browsers to some other internal address, or anywhere on the internet. Some examples:

  • Redirect HTTP to HTTPS
  • Redirect / to /Exchange
  • Assist Sharepoint publishing issues
  • Protect your servers by moving redirect rules to ISA

Collective Software LogHostname

Tired of seeing IP addresses in your ISA Log's URL column? For Proxy clients that use SecureNAT, and Firewall Clients that cannot use the "automatic configuration" setting, ISA records each URL as an IP address only. LogHostname seamlessly integrates into the ISA 2004 logging facility and shows the complete URL as entered in the client's web browser.

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Un nouvel éditeur de add-ins pour ISA 2004 vient de voir le jour :

Il va proposer un logiciel (ISA Time) permettant de tracker et limiter le temps d’utilisation du Web à vos utilisateurs d’ISA 2004.

En attendant, il offre un second logiciel (ISA Client Spy ) qui permet de voir en temps réel l’activité des clients Web (c’est un peu comme le moniteur en temps réel d’ISA 2004 mais pour un usage plus spécifique)

Cliquer ici pour plus d'informations sur ISA Client Spy