Data Encryption Toolkit for Mobile PCs

Ce kit a pour objectif de vous aider à sécuriser les données sur les PCs de votre organisation en utilisant les technologies EFS (Encrypting File System) et BDE (Bitlocker Drive Encryption)

The Data Encryption Toolkit for Mobile PCs includes the following components:

--> Executive Overview
This document provides a broad survey from a business and regulatory perspective of how mobile data is at risk and how the Data Encryption Toolkit for Mobile PCs can help. It also provides information about how you can use the guidance and tools in this Solution Accelerator as well as tools you may already have licensed to mitigate these risks.

--> Security Analysis
This guide provides an in-depth review of how EFS and BitLocker can help you address the unique risks associated with data on mobile PCs.

--> Planning and Implementation Guide
This guide describes how to plan for, configure, deploy, and operate EFS and BitLocker in your organization. A Beta version of the Planning and Implementation Guide is currently available (cf. Previous Post)

--> Microsoft Encrypting File System Assistant
The EFS Assistant is a software tool you can use to centrally control EFS settings on all your PCs (the EFS Assistant also works with desktop PCs). The EFS Assistant can help you encrypt the sensitive files on your users' laptops, regardless of where those files are located. In addition, the EFS Assistant operates transparently to end users, eliminating training issues or other impacts.

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Data Encryption Toolkit for Mobile PCs