ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition in a Workgroup

A workgroup is a simple grouping of computers that does not offer the centralized user accounts and authentication offered by domains.

You may want to install your ISA Server 204 firewall servers in a workgroup because the workgroup is separated from your domain. You may have specific reasons for wanting to isolate a small portion of your corporate network from the domain.

For example, you may want to install an ISA Server 204 array in a workgroup for:

• Web publishing
• Microsoft Outlook® Web Access publishing
• Handling of virtual private network (VPN) connections

About This Document
Three scenarios are described in this document. There are many procedures that are common to all of the scenarios. Therefore, the solution for each scenario is presented in a walk-through, as a concise series of steps, and the detailed procedures for the steps are provided in Appendix A: Procedures in this document.

This document focuses on the configuration of ISA Server 2004 Entreprise Edition in workgroup scenarios . The scenarios described are based on the assumed connectivity of the workgroup ISA Server 204 array to a Configuration Storage server, as in the case where the workgroup array is in the main office of an enterprise...

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