Scripts ISA Server 2004 (mise a jour : le 23/08/2005)

En complément des scripts proposés sur le site de Jim Harrison ( et sur le site de Jason Fossen ( , voici quelques scripts pour ISA 2004:

Script to set DNS cache attributes on your ISA Server 2004 computer

In Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004, you can use a script to set the attributes of the Domain Name System (DNS) cache. You can use a script to set the DnsCacheNegativeTtl property, the DnsCacheRecordMaxKB property, and the DnsCacheSize property of the FPCLowLevelSettings object without manually editing the registry.
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Setting the Refresh Rate for Connectivity Verifiers
By default, connectivity verifiers that are enabled test connectivity every 30 seconds. This time can be changed to any value in the range from 15 through 1,440 seconds by setting the RefreshRate property of the FPCConnectivityVerifiers collection. The value of this property applies to all ISA Server computers in an array.
Script name : SetConnectivityRefreshRate.vbs
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